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Shaka Riki is located in the hills of Southern Bali called "The Bukit".Just a stones throw from Padang Padang Beach and Bingin Beach.It's arguably one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bali,with world-famous left hand barrel surfing,white sandy beaches,cliff with unbelievable views,and magnificent sunsets everyday.

Tantalize your taste buds in our peaceful restaurant,which sits behind a large parking area to maintain the serenity your crave without the road noise.It's hard to articulate how beautiful it is here,just imagine your meal surrounded by nature,in a beautiful forest and small patch of jungle.

The concept of our cuisine at Shaka Riki is connecting the taste of island-life of Japan,Bali and Hawaii.

Our chef use meticulous traditional Japanese cooking methods with ingredients imported from Japan,coupled with high-quality,fresh ingredients from Bali & nearby islands,infused with a twist of the Hawaiian vibe,you'll fall in love with our movement "The Island -style Japanese"

Whether you are after Bukit's signature sunset,all-day surfing catching a barrel,or just chilling at the beach,our staff will make you feel special.With a big smile on our faces you're always welcome to have a delicious meal,tantalizing flavors,and a sparkling night at Shaka Riki.

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